Our Wellness Mission



We LOVE talking to our customers. We take every opportunity to discuss ways to improve and lead productive, healthy and happy lives. By helping customers understand how vitamins and supplements work with their body, we can make sure that each customer is provided with a product to address their personal needs.

Our physical store in Compton represents our commitment to the community - we believe our community deserves to have access to affordable, organic, all natural health and wellness products in a beautiful third space where they can rejuvenate, relax, be heard, and receive health and wellness knowledge.

As a business, we are now focused on manufacturing, branding, marketing, and promoting our own line of products. As our business grows, our ability to support our community will also grow. We intend to continue supporting community outreach programs and are proud supporters of CHIRLA (The Coalition for Humane Immigrant Rights) and the ACLU (American Civil Liberties Union).

We are all dreamers - we are all stronger when we support each other - let’s get healthy AND put our dollars toward businesses that align with our values.